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Elitmus Syllabus and elitmus pH Test Pattern

Elitmus is said to be one of the India’s largest Employability test which helps students to get a job. They conduct perfect assessment of students and then send them to recruitment for company that is for the entry level engineers.

In Question paper there will be 3 sections –

Section 1: Quant Section ( 20 Questions)

Important topics are:
  •  Number System 
  • Work and time 
  •  Permutation 
  • Geometry 
  • Probability
You will get 14-16 questions from the above topic and 8-9 correct answers will fetch you to 90-96 percentile. So do not waste time in the preparation of other topic i think the topics are more than enough to help you get good Elitmus percentile. 

Section 2: DI and LogicalReasoning ( 20 Questions) 

  • DI- tabular data with conditions -5 questions. 
  •  Arrangement - 3 questions. 
  • Coding/Decoding based on multiplication
This is the most difficult part of the Elitmus and u need to answer 5 to 9 get some 90 percentile. If you study the guide to solve cryptic multiplication on my blog you will be able to correct those 3 questions.
Section 3: Verbal ( 20 Questions)

  • 3 RC 4 question in each 
  • Paragraph formation(parajumbles)
  • Fill in the blank ( appropriate word) 
  • Grammar

      *****If you need any clarification, Please leave your commands bellow *****
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