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Some useful tips to crack elitmus pH exam

Getting job in software is a dream for all the freshers.  But nowadays, getting job in software
is most difficult. Because every  year lot of students are coming out of college, but openings in software are very less, So most of the fresher’s are stuck in getting job in good company. Some consultancies are arranging interviews for fresher based on some exam.
          Elitmus is one of the online consultancy for arranging interviews for fresher. Elitmus head office located in Bangalore. It conduct pH Test for fresher, based in this score companies are hire fresher’s. But scoring more percentile in pH exam is not easy one. It ids CAT level exam. Here I listed some of the useful tips for Elitmus pH test.

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Important things must follow
  1. Paper level is very tough. I think elitmus exam is a mock for CAT students.
  2. Don’t try to attempt lot of questions.
  3. 10 per section in elitmus is ideal attempt to exam.
  4. For problem solving section, best scoring part is cryptoarithmetic questions. Try as many question as you have. For crypto arithmetic question don’t refer any books. Just follow this site --> http://www.informguru.com/search/label/cryptarithmetic
  5. If you are cryptoarithemetic question are correct then your problem solving section is completed. In DI problem, you can’t write all the questions in time. It is highly impossible.
  6. For verbal section, best scoring area is ‘verb form’ type questions. For example download elitmus paper. Now, coming to paragraph questions. Almost 12 questions are there, it is the best scoring area.
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For quant section, nothing I can tell about quant because it’s totally jumbles. They cover almost all topics.
Books to use:
  • TIME material is OK but not preferable. If you are beginner, it is the best book.
  • I don’t know about arun Sharma. I heard that it is best book.
  • At last, if you attempt 30 questions in a elitmus exam. If 20 were correct then you can make it. Almost 90 percentile above is in your hand.
  • Last important thing is sectional percentile is important. So, don’t attempt 20 questions from one section and 10 from another section.
  • If anyone written twice or thrice. Best one will be consider.

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