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Top Ten Career Tips for Fresh Graduates

Are you an Engineering graduate/final year student of XYZ college. ‘XYZ’ doesn’t mean encrypting the college name for hiding, it’s the real name given by lot of TOP IT companies in the Industry. The answer is ‘Yes’ , if you ask Will Software companies go by standard of the Institution which they looking for hiring. IT companies running behind all the Top Universities to hire and made them serve for their business.  

This is not about this fraction of students who got offers from Multinational software Giants before coming out from the college. This is a valuable, frustrating, testing, planning, real learning time for the rest of the guys who are struggling to get into the dream firms. Since there is no Job Assurance in the industry, here some guys planning to fill their pockets who know how it works. These guys get contact with the guys who eagerly waiting to crack the nuts will get trapped into his nets. They will give only positive side of the fully furnished Industry and inspire them by saying he have very good HR connection which spread all over the Industry. Then he will ask money to issue the Offer and also he will give the expected joining dates.  Some lucky guys will get fake offer letters with no Joining dates mentioned or some very lucky folks won’t get anything. 

Here are the some tips for those Job aspirants:-
  • There is nothing comes handy unless until you start to prepare. And no one will hire without written rounds and sadly for most of us it is the return round.
  • To avoid this, start solving the Aptitude Questions. I feel there is no one good in solving aptitude questions unless until he/she understands the question given. Yeah I know it’s boring but there is no other go.
  • Must do thing is daily minimum two hours of checking Job portals and checking for any walk-ins/Job fair around the city. Please don’t look for someone will ring your door bell and ask you to come down for their company Interviews. You really need to apply and keep on checking the mails.
  • Since we are not elite people for the IT giants you need to prove them you are one among them by giving competitive exams like  ‘E-litmus’  , ‘Amcat’.
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  • Start Approach some small companies directly, it will give you confidence. None of your uncle’s referral won’t work if you are bother to go out and face the world.
  • Please be polite in talking and don’t panic. Go slow when you are talking and not go in a hurry. Make people to listen to your words. I simply mean don’t blabber (most of us will do when we are nervous).
  • If you are week in English, start reading newspapers, practicing grammar. Try to speak more in English with your friend’s.
  • If you are week in Technical, then join some good training institutes and prepare your technical skills with the help of Google.
  • Don’t join any consultancies without inquiring about that. Most of the consultancies are fake. They will ask money and they never give any interviews. Some consultancies are good but only for BPO and Tech support jobs.
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  • Decide your interesting field to work and search your job in the same field.
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Jennifer Paulson
19 October 2018 at 01:49

I used all of these tips for reviews of Paperrater and it helped me a lot in my career.

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